An entrepreneur is someone who organizes a business venture and assumes the risks
of it.

Entrepreneurship is an act of taking risks, making an impact and transforming lives
through a world of business, investment, and marketing.

Entrepreneurship with its many benefits amongst student isn’t something new to the
college community. It is known that we are now faced with varieties of employment
opportunities but yet somehow very few graduates are gainfully employed.

“Studentpreneurs” became very relevant because entrepreneurship studies have
become widely accepted, studentpreneur is used to describe someone who starts a
business while they are still in education – either full or part-time. Though
entrepreneurship can be quite stressful and time taken, quite a lot of students has found
ways to balance their small businesses with their studies. It has given the student
community a way to relate with and learn more than their core course.

Becoming a “Studentpreneur”.

While stepping into “studentpreneurship” Create a time management system so you can
have enough time for your business as well as your studies is of utmost importance.
This is because starting a small business can be exciting and you might not only
destroy your business, you could spoil your quest to complete your degree.

The stages of entrepreneurship/ studentpreneurship

  1. Start by identifying the social problems and unmet needs in your community.
  2. Once you have identified these problems, come up with a working plan and how you
    can solve, monetize it.
  3. Locate your audience – since you are a student, it’s easier to determine your
    audience, which is you, fellow students. Reach out to them, Tell them what you are into
    and make sure you package your product in a way it appeals to them.
  4. Proper planning – It is really not easy trying to keep up and balance academics with
    business, but if you are able to set your priorities and categorically place your
    academics and business in the right order, then the sky is your starting point as a
  5. Prepare your Budget – when preparing your budget, it is important to not thing into
    the clouds, start with a budget for a small scale business and gradually expand your

The good thing is that now, studentpreneurs have a lot to leverage to boost their
business performance and build a good customer base, knowing that the problem you
are trying to solve in your school community also affects others is a start. The social
media platforms have provided a way to reach over a million people with your products
without having to leave your comfort zone. So while entrepreneurship might be a lot of
work for a student to take on the leverage makes it.

Taking it all in, remember that If your intention and motive is just to do it because you
feel it’s trending then you are inventing your effort without purpose.

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