Of recent AI robots have been used to influence a lot of human trends, most of all the fashion
trends. It’s become so in style as all bloggers, stylist and fashion entrepreneurs have same thoughts on how a piece of clothing should be worn, what a brand should do, what to do and what not to do with fashion statements.

As at 2018 AI robots were brand ambassadors for widely purchased fashion brands, and have
been creative with ever style making dressing effortless of humans. The age of being creative
with what you wear and how you look might just be far gone, it’s very easy for the non-creative
to jump on the fashion trends without considering if it fits their personal style.

All the AI wants to do is show their style without complications. A basic selfie shot will do. And
for their followers, that’s more than enough. As much as you might find yourself thinking that all
bloggers/influencers are the same, you must realize that humans love simplicity and the creative mind can sometimes be complex and not obvious to grasp.

Lil Miquela is the most talked about Influencer as she has been a fascination for many of the
Instagram folks with over 1.5million followers. Miquela has been linked to Brud, a Los Angelesbased startup that specializes in “robotics, artificial intelligence and their applications to media businesses”. Miquela has since posted pictures of her Sims family who also have a lot of social media followers including celebrates.

Down the line, other manufacturing companies have been looking to making more robot
influencers to increase the level of production, sales, advertisements. Etc. with the raise of more technology, a lot of money would be made from Robot influencers. it’s been predicted that as from 2020 the new models might not be immediately easy to spot as Robots.

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