Building a wardrobe can seem very stressful and overwhelming, the will to pick one clothing over the other most times doesn’t come with an easy choice. It’s nice to have a lot to pick from but for the case of the wardrobe starters, try not to build over your savings, better off buying the basic wardrobe items that would make your everyday look dashing and effortless.

While buying the basic items for your wardrobe it is very essential that you buy more neutral colors (black, white, nude, grey) as they are very easily matchable to any other clothing. Having a few bright color items doesn’t hurt; sometimes bright colors might just be what you need to complete your look.

Shopping for things that suit your personal style is the way to go when shopping for someone’s look, be sure that you can pull off the style, consider the clothing color to your skin tone, body size, height, etc.


This section will be divided into two groups; I Work, I Study


I work explains the basics you would need as a working-class woman, these basics would help you build a pro- simple closet on a low price budget OR an expensive shopping spree for the no-budget peeps.

  1. SHOES: I am shopping for the perfect work shoe means you are looking for the classic pumps preferable in neutral colors nude and black which can be for a Monday or every day wear for those who manage well in heels,  have flats shoe (brown, black) for the sake of comfort and quickly move around. Sneakers, Chelsea boots also work well for office wear depending on how you style them.
  2. OUTERWEAR: the first important outwear you must have are; gowns, throw on blazers, overall coats, jackets, waistcoats. You might be thinking waistcoats Yes! Various fashion statements show waistcoats are great for a complete suit dress up.
  3. TOPS:  Essential much! Yes have comfy and fashionable tops in your wardrobe and pretty much more in neutral colors white, off white, black, navy blue, etc. not sure of what to buy, well you can get yourself: Button-down shirts, T-shirts, Turtle neck tops, etc.
  4. INNER-WEAR: inner-wears are a very important part of our everyday dress up, having few camisoles, tank tops in basic colors make things easier, it’s not just for office wears, this could also be worn to an evening hang out, lunch, etc.
  5. BOTTOM: getting a basic pencil skirt, work pants is the goal! Though that is for the office pro, for most individuals that work in a more flexible environment a nice jean in blue and black also works well.

Though the entire above mentioned are the work basics, it is necessary to take into account the fashion trends that are office wearable’s, this includes the jumpsuits, sweaters, a little shimmer, etc.

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