Nigerian based Tech. Company Tizeti Launches

Tizeti is an internet service provider founded by Kendall Ananyi, a Nigerian entrepreneur, the company based in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, as just launched its internet voice calling platform trademarked is a voice over internet protocol that allows users unlimited, it is leveraging the large wireless capacity available with Wi-Fi to offer disruptive, customer-friendly pricing for unlimited internet service right across Nigeria.

With speeds from 2Mbps to 1Gbps (based on your selected plan), Tizeti can provide high speed bandwidth to meet any customer, business, estate, hotel, carrier Wi-Fi offload or multi-tenant building requirements. Speed of shared plans varies due to network conditions and number of connected devices. would be providing it service on a day, monthly and yearly option for individuals, organization, and residential purposes. The WifiCall app has now been made available for download on Apple and Google play stores.

Kendall Ananyi mentioned that Tizeti already have customers and relations with big company and look to use investments accumulated to open up its WifiCall product to phone numbers outside of Nigeria starting in 2020.

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