Starting a new phase of life can be so stressful or maybe not, for new secondary school leavers planning for college it is important to them to have everything to look like a million, but instead of buying trends how about buying something that makes you look good in and out of college. The important thing is you should have enough clean cloth so laundry does not take your weekend!

Let’s jump right into it; here is a list of things I believe are very important for your college wardrobe.

  • Underwear’s:  it is important to pack as many as possible, now my list of underwear would be bralettes, socks, singlet, bra, pants and a lot of shorts.
  • Top: when shopping for tops be sure to buy at least 4 buttons down shirt mostly in neutral colors, having other button down shirts in patterns is good but not essential it depends on your style. You would need classic Tank tops and T-shirts in neutral colors black, white, grey, navy blue and a pop colour tee. It is also very good to have cute blouses for trend sake, and very nice sweaters.
  • Bottom: you might want to start with basic jeans in the perfect length and quality preferably black, blue, dark wash etc. once that is out of the way you can search for basic skirts, something stylish but still very wearable to an interview, start with black and then every other colour that suit your style.
  • Dress: every girl needs a little black dress, hopeful very cute too. Pack a dress is good as long as you are very comfortable wearing it, now all work and not play they say make you a dull girl, so when packing consider putting a party dress in your bag you definitely will need it.
  • African prints:  this is very essential for church, Friday casuals, and our various school owambe. You can decide to wear them in iro and buba, gown, skirts or in a more stylish way.
  • Casual statement piece(s): casual statement? Well in this case jumpsuits, playsuits, romper, some bikini and anything else you think will look total cute on you when hanging out with friends.
  • Accessories: I suggest buying few accessories and inexpensive but good qualities. You would need more earrings, fewer necklace, belts, wristwatch, sunglasses, hats or face caps and bracelets. For the extra’s you might like scarves, anklets and gloves too.
  • Shoes: the most important pair you would need are the white sneakers, black sneakers, very good flat shoes, cute sandals, some slip on. Now don’t be scared to buy shoes in different styles or quality though it is important that you have black, brown, white and nude in your collection, it is also important to have a pair of heels preferably in block or wedge.

   Other important items include a backpack, totes, a side sling bag for important occasion. It is important to take into consideration that you might have a lot to do and not have enough time to get your hair or nails done which brings me to this, please buy at least 2 wigs and a few nail polish in natural colors. I believe you are set, now go rock college.

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