Naija “IT” Fashion Trends

The current Naija Fashion trends should be described as Loud. The fashion scene has our basic day look like an Owambe, not only the party wears come with the wow! Vibe it is easy to say the business fashion trends is just a step away.

Our top style influencers, fashion bloggers and celebrities are already setting the pace. Not to forget the amazing designers that help create this fashion trends.

Let’s take a look at all the amazing fashion trends

  1. Ankara/ African Print: Ankara has become a holy grail in Nigeria; it comes in different patterns, print and quality. Ankara’s can be styled and worn in different ways. It is most peculiar to the occasional Owambe, Aso Ebi, street styles. They are many ways Ankara is worn in Nigeria, it includes: wrappers, gowns, skirts, headgears and are also now used to make swim wears, bags and shoes.
  • Head gears:  who goes to an Owambe without a headgear? they are popular called “Gele”. Before now they were styled in simpler ways, just too simple for the new trends. The new headgear trends have a nice twist and a fascinating arrangement. They are either made from stiff fabrics, African prints and silk materials which are worn as turbans. Lately fashionista’s opt for the readymade headgears as they are easy to wear and safes the stress of having to tie one.
  • Agbada: A Nigerian wedding attire is not complete without a properly Agbada, most guest look out for nicely designed Agbada as style inspiration for their next party. This trends is peculiar to the guys but of recent women have jumped on the trend and it is agreeable that they pulling off the look.
  • Shoulder designs: These designs are on every social media page, worn to birthday parties, weddings etc. the female fashion trends include the off shoulder, cold shoulders, shoulder straps etc.

Peplum: the peplum can have a different volume and length. We can see dresses where peplum design plays the key role. The peplum can be made from any fabric and trimmed into the shape or form the designer looks to place on a dress.

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