IOT is short for Internet of Things. IoT is when everyday objects and products are connected to the internet. These connected products can be devices, systems, sensors, and gadgets. So, if you own an Amazon Echo or a Ring video doorbell, Smart Cars, Xbox One or a Smart Watch, then you are an active IoT user.

IoT as a concept was officially named in the year 1999, but fully evolved in the year 2013, with the involvement of wireless communication, GPS, Automation and many more.

IoT devices can also connect to each other via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and share data between themselves.  The main components of IoT are: Communication, Control, Time and Cost Saving. 

An IoT device can collect information and communicate directly to the necessary channels, notwithstanding this device can be remotely or automatically controlled by manufacturers, owners. For example, an IoT device such as Amazon Echo Dot is directly connected to the internet to gather information which could be your home temperature, weather, the news, music, podcast etc. and can be synced to other smart devices, in a way that you only need to communicate your commands to other smart devices through Alexa, saving you time and energy.  

Now the big question; How safe is IoT?

The biggest issue of previous IoT devices is security, we established earlier that IoT devices are all connected and gather information, well they do not only gather information need by the user, they also gather information about the user ranging from the food you ate, music you love, books you read etc.

Since these devices collect data on you and your home or business, they’re prime targets for hackers, which makes it important that when buying IoT devices, you buy from trusted brands.

We can expect to see more secure and better protected IoT devices in 2019. This is due to advancements being made in the industry where security is concerned. Existing problems of security with old IoT devices are likely to linger, however, as they cannot just be tossed out. This means that existing IoT businesses are still vulnerable and that data breaches will still occur on a major scale. This might result in uncertainty in the market, a scenario that will force IoT practitioners to double down on their security investments as well as to drastically increase the marketing focus they bestow on the value of security and data privacy.

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