How to Ace Your First Interview


Prior to the interview, it is important to learn all that there is to know about the company. What are your prospective employer’s product, vision, strategies, competition and current project? 

Answers to these will put you at an advantage during the interview session.

Always keep in mind that research goes both ways, this goes without saying that the same way that you should research the company, they will do the same. It is crucial that you have a good social profile representation and proper privacy setting.

Dress Code

Your clothing should be neat, smart and professional. If you are unsure of what outfit works, take time and go through the company’s website, and social profile for workplace photo to see what people are wearing.

Mind your perfume,   stay away from excessive makeup.

Answering Questions

While it is important to practice questions before your interview, you might be caught unawares with some unexpected questions. When this happens, avoid rambling. Ask to hear the question again, listen carefully an give an appropriate answer. It is very important to pick your words carefully, avoiding slang and jargons.

Body Language

Your body language during an interview shows how honest and confident you are. Learn to keep eye contact, sit in a comfortable position, avoid nervous behaviours such as finger tapping, continuous hand gestures, leg shaking, or continuous change of sitting position. 

Rounding up your Interview

With the research done before your interview, you should have a couple of questions.Do not pile up questions rather try to slip them in as naturally possible during your conversation.


If you do not get a call back after a period of three weeks, you can send a follow inquire through the company’s provided email. The email should be short, straight to the point and polite, do not repeat it as it makes you look desperate and demanding.  

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